IREM Education: A Lifelong Investment in Your Career

Take your skills to the next level with our advanced professional development program. Maximize your potential and the value of the real estate assets you manage.

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Certification Courses
Earn an IREM certification in the way that’s best for you. Whether you prefer learning in a classroom, live online with an instructor, or want the flexibility to go at your own pace, IREM has an offering for you.

Learn new skills and stay on top of emerging trends with an IREM webinar subscription. Get unlimited access to over 100 webinars each year. Expand your property management knowledge and skills with unlimited access to these live online courses in as little as an hour.

Skills On-demand
With IREM's Skills On-demand courses you can hone your skills and stay up-to-date with emerging trends with these self-paced online courses that can be completed whenever, wherever you have time and access to an internet connection.

IREM Skills Badges
Earn an IREM Skill Badge in Managing Distressed Properties with IREM Alabama. Join us in the classroom June 7, 2021 to learn solutions and guidance for common situations encountered and best practices to employ when dealing with distressed properties.