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Board of Directors

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  President Elect
  V.P. Finance
  V.P. Communications
  V.P. Member Services
  V.P. Education
  ARM Chair
  1st Member at Large
  2nd Member at Large
  3rd Member at Large


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  AMO Liaison
  Community Service
  Forecast Breakfast
  Income & Expense Analysis
  IREM Industry Partner
  IREM Young Professionals

Industry Partner Category

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  HVAC Repairs and Maintenance
  Building Maintenance
  Security Services
  Commercial Janitorial
  Asphalt Repairs and Parking Lot Maintenance
  Parking Lot Sweeping
  Roof Maintenance
  Elevator Repair and Maintenance
  General Contractors
  Janitorial Services
  Restoration Services
  Roof Maintence
  Apartment Association
  General Maintenance and Repair
  Window Coverings
  Tree Service
  Association / Municipality
  Janitorial Supplies
  Moving & Storage
  Electrical Contractors
  Facility Maintenance
  Fire Protection


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  CPM Candidate
  CPM Emeritus
  Student Member
  CPM Emeritus Retired
  Academic Member
  AMO Branch
  AMO Headquarters
  Industry Partners

Member Groups

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  AMO┬« Liaison
  Community Service
  Industry Partners
  Income & Expense Program
  Forecast Breakfast
  Inaugural Dinner
  IREM Association Executive
  IYP Committee
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